When I’m asked how I got the idea for Chakra Clothing Company I am always excited to tell people that it really did come from first-hand experience of how a positive attitude and positive energy has the ability to make a difference in the world we live in.

In the spring of 2009 When my sister in-law became pregnant, it was one of the happiest and most celebratory occasions for my family.  However, as life would sometimes have it we were thrown a curveball during her seventh month of pregnancy when I was involved in a car accident that many say should have taken my life.

Thankfully, my family and friends rallied around me. I was given me all the support and comfort I could hope for and during this time something startling began to happen; every time my pregnant sister-in-law entered the room I was overcome with emotion. Unable to walk, I would sit up and cradle her belly and cry tears of joy. I would be overwhelmed with love and emotion and I found comfort, strength and peace from my unborn nephew during an extremely painful and challenging time. 

I was fortunate to have received amazing medical care which saved my life, but during my time in the hospital I realized that while medicine makes the repairs needed to save your life, you need love, support and a positive attitude to heal yourself. I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been and I attribute a large part my recovery to having a positive attitude and believing in myself. 

I wanted to get my sister-in-law a gift to reflect how much her support, and the support of my nephew meant to me. As I began to search for something to reflect not only my gratitude, but something she would truly use and appreciate, I found that nothing really fit the bill. Fortunately, while I was recovering I received tons of books and DVDs to pass the time until I could walk again. One of these DVDs was the move “What the bleep do we know…”

In the movie, a Japanese photographer named Masaru Emoto claims to have captured the power of positive energy at work; Emoto took two glasses of water from an identical source and placed the Japanese symbols for “Thank you” over one glass and the symbols for “You fool!” over another glass.

Emoto then froze the water and photographed the resultant ice crystals; the water with the positive message produced intricately latticed, strong, healthy crystals while the water with negative message had weak, poorly formed ice with no branching or lattice structure.

This experiment led me to the perfect idea for my gift! Where better to put the power of positive energy into action than with a baby developing in the mother’s womb. The positive symbol provides a conduit for positive energy to flow to the baby through the power of symbolism, while incorporating the natural pathways within the body known as the chakra.

The symbol I chose to put on the shirt was the Sanskrit word “anuraagaH”. Translated, this means a love of devotion or adoration; it was the ideal message to place over a developing baby and a perfect connection to my sister in law’s interests and outlook on the world.

She loved the gift and told me that every time she put it on she knew she was covering her baby with love. Incredibly, she also told me that she was being stopped constantly be people wanting to know where they could buy one of her shirts! It soon became apparent that there were others out there who believe that we can make our world a better place by thinking positive thoughts, using positive words and sharing our positive spirit with others.

And so three years (and one niece!) later I launched Chakra Clothing Company. I fully believe in the power of positive thinking, the influence of positive energy and the incredible power we can tap into if we believe in ourselves.