When you wear the Sanskrit word “anuraagaH” over your baby you are literally covering your baby with love!



AnuraagaH is the Sanskrit word we place on all of our clothes. Translated, anuraagaH is a deep love of devotion or adoration. There is no better message to give yourself, or your unborn baby than the powerful, positive message of love and devotion! Allow the symbol’s positive energy to flow into your body through the sacred pathways known as the chakra.

AGNI (Burnout Hoodie)

Agni is the Sanskrit word for “fire” or the chief deity of fire in Hindi. It’s the perfect name for our Agni burnout hoodie. 

AKASA (Men’s T)

Akasa is the Sanskrit word for the first element of creation, the ether and space that existence was spawned from. 

ANADA (Maternity Shirts)

Bliss, happiness, the highest and most joyous state of being; the Ananda allows expectant mothers to exude a sense of joy and bliss while literally covering their baby with love. 

BODHI (Women’s Tank Top)

The Sanskrit word Bodhi translates simply as to know, to be enlightened, to have reached a complete understanding of our ultimate reality. The word Bodhi is often associated with the old and sacred tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. 

CHANDRA (Yoga Pant)

Chandra is most often translated as the noun, “moon” but it can be used as an adjective; glowing, glittering, having the brilliancy of light. Calm, serene, glowing with brilliance, exactly as you should be! 

DEVI (Maternity Hoodie)

Devi is the celestial goddess who nurtures and protects humanity. It’s the role all mothers play as they bring new life into the world and thus it’s the perfect name for our maternity hoodie!

MANIPURA (Women’s T)

Manipura is literally the “city of jewels”, it is the third primary chakra associated with strength. Positioned at the solar plexus, Manipura is connected to a person’s dynamism, energy, and will-power. 

SAMADHI (Uni-Sex Hoodie) 

Samadhi is a super-conscious experience, an enlightened and ecstatic state of higher level consciousness reached through mediation and said to be achieved just before complete unity with the divine. 

SANKARA (Women’s Dolman) 

Sankara has several translation from the native Sanskrit, the one we like best is Sanka (doubts) + Kara (destroyer) – the destroyer of doubts. The perfect name for our most athletic, flowing cut.

VAYU (Maternity Yoga Pant)

Vayu translates into wind, or the “blower of the wind” and is often associated with the Hindu deity of the wind. We want to give the wearer a sense of freedom and lightness when they wear our vayu maternity yoga pants. 

VINYASA (Women’s Hoodie)

Most people familiar with yoga understand the premise of the Vinyasa; movements connected through the breath which form a flowing sequence. But not many people know the literal translation: "nyasa"
means 'to a place' and the prefix "vi" translates as 'in a special way'.