With so much turmoil and stress in our world today, people across the world are embracing the ancient wisdom of Eastern traditions and philosophy as never before.

As recently as 10 years ago you would find the occasional reference to meditation or yoga if you delved into the fringes of American culture, today yoga is more popular than ever, athletes and supermodels have Chinese and Sanskrit symbols tattooed on their bodies, Hollywood produces blockbuster movies around the possibility of changing the world through thought and prayer, and the power of positive thinking is acknowledged as a legitimate means of improving the physical world.

Nothing embodies this more than the work of photographer Masaru Emoto, who is best known for putting positive and negative messages over cups of water, freezing the water and photographing the resulting ice crystals.

Emoto found that the water covered by positive messages had beautifully latticed, strong ice crystals while the water covered by negative messages was disorganized, weak and unstructured. These findings led to the hypothesis that words, language and symbols vibrate with different frequencies as prescribed by the meaning we attribute to them.

If positive messages can influence the formation of ice, why not apply the same concept to human beings? By wearing a positive message, especially in the form of an ancient and symbolic language, we can give ourselves the gift of positive energy. And as an expectant mother, you can cover your baby in a stylish, beautiful symbolic word, anuraagaH, which means a love of devotion. It's the love you feel when you truly cherish something and seek to protect and nurture it.