The Chanda Plan Foundation I had the pleasure of meeting Chanda and her sister Crystal while in Colorado and discovered their amazing story of strength, love and sisterhood. In 2003, Chanda’s spinal cord injury had compromised her health to the degree that her weight had dropped to 59 pounds, she had chronic pain and her immune system had depleted to a dangerous level leading to extended hospitalization and mounting medical bills. Chanda and her sister Crystal decided to take action, specifically her participation in alternative healing treatments. As a yoga instructor, Crystal was privy to valuable resources and ideas not discussed in modern medicine. In the following months Chanda’s engagement in acupuncture, massage therapy, diet and physical therapy enabled her to gain 20lbs and become almost pain free. In addition, her endurance, strength and movement increased dramatically. The Chanda Plan Foundation was established with the vision of creating systemic change in the way health care is administered to patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. As part of the effort for systemic change, the foundation is engaged in policy work to help initiate legislation similar to their Colorado Medicaid pilot program in all 50 states. This includes The Quality Of Life program, which is the vehicle that drives on-going direct services offering location and non-location based access to integrative therapies for individuals with physical disabilities, and furthering the education, access and expansion of adaptive yoga by providing awareness of classes that are modified to serve people with the same injuries and disabilities. These programs give persons with disabilities a service that can improve their overall health & participation in life by providing access to acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, cranial sacral and adaptive yoga. The ultimate aim is to help persons with disabilities heal with their whole body. Chakra Clothing Company is proud and honored to be a part of this initiative and as a partner of the Chanda Plan foundation we are donating $1 for every shirt sold on our website to the Chanda Plan, and $2 for every “I am the Plan” shirt we sell. Please visit the specific “Chanda Plan” section of our website and help us give those with severe disabilities access to the kinds of care they will not receive in standard Western medicine. To learn more about Chanda and her incredible story, please visit